open-source public data

Jurisdictional exists to provide a unified interface to government, which is made easier by a unified dataset. Jurisdictional is powered by hundreds of Gatherers that collect data and standardize it for public consumption.

Jurisdictional Components

embeddable website widgets

Jurisdictional provides embeddable widgets to enable interested citizens and community agencies easily share information about local public infrastructure and services.

the Jurisdictional Chrome Extension

many small contributions 🎉

Jurisdictional provides a Extension for Google Chrome to enable users to easily add a website to Jurisdictional's directory.

Measuring progress over time

Are we building the right thing?
Are we building it right?

Like any vision, it takes a certain amount of faith to embark on a path toward something only envisioned, something that does not yet exist. Balancing the vision (of inventorying every public jurisdiction, agency, body, position, and service), with small tangible actions (designing, coding, finding data, talking to humans!) - is necessary to bring forth the idea into existence.

Being able to synthesize constructive feedback from our users is how we assess the value others find in this project. Let us know what you were hoping to find or what you liked about the site. We want Jurisdictional to be the best source of public information and the most delightful public service in existence.

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