Contributing to Jurisdictional

Thank you for your interest! Jurisdictional's goal is to make public data public and actionable. There are many ways to support transparency and open data. We are grateful for your interest and support.

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First, Jurisdictional is a volunteer effort. We're humans using computers to make things better. If you're not sure where to start, feel free to get in touch. Let's chat

Contribute to the dataset just by using Jurisdictional

Jurisdictional is made for users to add and update public data.

A User who "Claims" an Entity in Jurisdictional is claiming responsibility for the veracity of the information on the page, and helps ensure we provide quality public information.

Claim preferences are given to official public staff, typically indicated by a formal jurisidictional email address, like .gov). If an Entity is not claimed, anybody can Claim it. If a public user (not a Staff member) claims an Entity, the Claim of a User who is Public Staff takes precendence over a normal User's Claim. However, User contributions are still retained. And, a User can flag an Entity claimed by a Public Staffer that is out-of-date. Users can contribute the missing data, receiving credit for it if the Public Staffer accepts or subsequently adds the proposed data contribution.

If you have feedback on other ways to handle this, please let us know.

Contribute to the codebase

  • Get in touch and send a GitHub handle
  • Get added added to the repository
  • Clone the repository
  • Try to get the app up and running (pair with someone and file any issues in the Setup process)
  • Work from Trello and GitHub issues by writing features with tests

Share your ideas 💡 and feedback 💭

Your questions and feedback are welcome. Use the Feedback Form

Contribute to the dataset by writing a "Gatherer"

Jurisdiction uses "Gatherers" to help gather an open-ended data set. One instance of a Gatherer is used to scrape, format, and map entities from a Source URL to Jurisdicitonal.

Contribute to the cause: Transparency ☀️ 📝 🔍

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Thanks for checking out Jurisdictional! ✨✨✨